Embossed Aluminium Foil Slitter Rewinder

Embossed Aluminium Foil Slitter Rewinder

Embossed aluminium foil slitter rewinder is very good for rewind embosed foil for packing choclate etc,this machine can provide very care of slitting.

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Product Details

Embossed aluminium foil slitter rewinder is very accurate for slitting the jumbo roll of embossed aluminium foil into small roll for choclate packing film,food etc packaing.

this machine is multi-suitable for paper, aluminum foil,foil composited film,PE paper.aluminium paper,filtering paper etc.

1.Cycle knife cutting, surface crossing rewinding,the result of cutting is very neat.
2.Rolling photoelectric correction;
3.Unwind and winding controlled by magnetic powder break system;
4. The main motor adopts import inverter control;
5. Particularly applicable to cutting and narrow difficult materials more than 5 mm.

Main Specification:

Mother Roll Width
Max 600mm
Unwinding Roll Diameter 
Max 600mm
Rewinding Roll Diameter 
Max 400mm option
Width of finished roll
Minimum 5mm
Production speed 
Max 160m/min
Total Power Supply
Gross Weight1200kg
Machine Overall dimensions12001700×1400mm LWH



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