PET Film Rewinder Machine

PET Film Rewinder Machine

PET Film Rewinder Machine is an soecial model designed for PET film rewinding.

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Product Details

PET Film Rewinder Machine is designed with dual shaft for automatic changen of rewinding heads.

After one head finsiehd rewinding when reach the setting length,machine will automatic switch to the next one which is loaded core,this dual-shaft design can improve the production speed than the single head model.

Machine is with cutting blade when the rewinding is is ideal for different PET film,and plastic film to rewinding,include disposible tablecloth film roll etc.

Brief introduction:

Material:PET/PVC/Plastic table cloth

Maximum width of unwind roll:200-1400mm

Maximum unwind diameter:1000mm

Rewind roll width:same to unwind roll

Rewind roll inner diameter:25/38/50/76mm etc

Rewind length setting:3-100meters






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