Sticky Label Die Cutting Slitting Machine

Sticky Label Die Cutting Slitting Machine

Sticky label die cutting slitting machine is one step for die cutting and slitting rewinding for blank label and toher label etc.

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Sticky label die cutting slitting machine

    PPD--LDS320 is a new cutting machine with die cutting function. It has a high precision round cycle blade cutting system.This machine is suitable for blank sticker label,die cutting, cutting off can be done at one time.It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stop, photoelectric eye rectifying etc.This machine is characterized by compact structure,high speed, high efficiency, simple operation.


Main technical parameters.

Cutting speed  75 m/min

Die cutting speed 70 m/min

The maximum web width 320/420mm

Unwind roll maximum diameter.500 mm

Rewind roll the maximum diameter.480 mm

Die cutting length 178 mm - 470 mm

Overall dimensions1.32 mX1.02 mX1.52 m (LXWXH)

The weight 600 kg

Standard configuration

A) cutting device

B) 3inch air shaft for unwind, two 3inchshaft for rewinding roll

C) precise count/meter.

D) two photoelectric eye rectifications.

E).8 round cuttign blade knives

F) two magnetic powder brake clutch included.

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